Nature's Common Wonder

Leaf of green, you who seem
To abound at every turn:
Ubiquitous as you may be
Let none your plainness spurn.

For though your kind be everywhere,
On every common plant and tree,
Nothing ’bout you’s commonplace,
Nothing ’bout you’s ordinary.

Your geometric symmetry
For me’s the thing most wondrous;
Each perfect line and curve worthy
Of applause no less than thund’rous!

Even more astounding is
How far you are apart,
One from other in shade and shape,
Yet each a work of art.

Leaf, your charm and grace
Is oh, so soothing for the soul;
Morning dew upon your face—
A vision to behold!

But no, you’re not mere pretty face
Immense indeed’s your worth,
Measured in every breath we take,
Giving life to man and earth!

Oxygen you give to us—
The very air we breathe!
But gift so great is given
With utmost humility.

We’ve known you, Leaf, since Adam
Whose nakedness you covered;
Through millennia you’ve served mankind
And love upon us showered.

Some may favor other rarer
Calling card of Nature;
But in the leaves of my green book,
Leaf, you’re the finest creature.